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7313 E. Concho Drive, Suite B
Kingman, AZ 86401

Phone: 928.757.2205
Fax: 928.757.2217

In Case of Emergency

Please contact the phone number above for futher information.

We are making improvements to our website to provide our customers with more information that can be easily accessible. Please check back as updates are being made frequently.

Who We Are?

Truxton Canyon Water Company is a public water utility company serving customers of Mohave County, Arizona since 1962. Our service area is primarily the Hualapai Valley east of Kingman Arizona to Valantine, Arizona.

Water Rates

Truxton's rate structure is mandated by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). It is based upon the direct costs of supplying water to our customers. Below is Truxton Canyon Water Company's current water rate structure:

Water Rates (as of 6/6/2001)